Ticket: Adventures of Superheros and their Nemesis – Winter/Spring 2020 2020/01/13 – 2020/05/17


Calling all Imaginative Minds! Every Story has a superhero and their Nemesis.  Lets create our own story. This story will start with a black page; the students in the class will determine the story plot, setting, characters, and superhero and/or villain names. Design their logo’s and secret accessories to conqueror!!! 

This class is designed for the child who truly wants to create their own story, playwriting and story building takes a lot of creativity and thinking about all layers of the story.   Through the course, the first 6 weeks, the story will be guided by our creative staff. What will your superhero do? What will they say? What will their secret weapon be to save NYC!!!

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Monday 4:40-5:40, Tuesday 3:30-4:30, Wednesday 3:30-4:30, Thursday 3:30-4:30, Thursday 4:40-5:40, Friday 3:30-4:30