Annual Spotlight Gala

Spotlight Kids NY has teamed up with Broadway Arts Education (BAE) for our 2nd Annual Gala. The Gala took place on Sunday November 5th at 48 Wall Street to help raise funds for inner city schools that have little to no arts education.

We are beyond thrilled and proud of our students that have shown nothing but commitment to this added time in their school week, and continuing to grow and learn alongside each other and our partners at BAE. What a beautiful community we live in to come together to not only strengthen their abilities to perform but to embark on a journey to make our neighboring communities better. 

 We would love nothing more for you all to spread the word of this amazing community outreach. We hope that you can participate in any way that is possible with a small donation to encourage our SLK students and participate in making our greater NY community better for all children.

All the Best,
Tamryn and Danielle

Link to Donation