Ticket: Character Skill Review – Winter/Spring 2020 2020/01/13 – 2020/05/17


Our emotions are in every part of our day. Who am I? What Surrounds me? Where am I? How do I feel? Lets take a deeper dive into the art of Acting and discover more about the character we are and the character we want to be. 


An Audience is in awe of the stage and all the magic that happens. But when an actor/actresses, is practicing their lines, songs, dances, to perform, there is so much more to just what one sees on the stage.  


Lets explore our characters.. Through our movements, through our emotions, through our expressions; this class is meant for the student looking to take a deeper dive into the art of acting. 

The final show will be a monologue written and played-out by your child!  We need fresh writers to create a new story!

This class will be one hour long, and is geared for our theatrical performer who is looking to taking their acting career to a new level.

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