Ticket: Giraffes Cant Dance – Winter/Spring 2020 2020/01/13 – 2020/05/17


It’s never too early to foster a child’s curiosity.  This class is designed to give our mini stars a chance to create.  Taking a child storybook and making it come to life.  What sound does a giraffe make? How would he move? What would his costume look like?

With the guidance of our experienced creative director, we work on improv games to enhance your child’s creative side and let them invent their character.  They will have the opportunity to build props, make their own costumes, design a backdrop, and memorize lines.

A final recital will be showcased at the end of the semester for family and caregivers to see.  All aspects of the final performance will be created and made by your mini stars.

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Monday 1:30-2:15, Monday 2:30- 3:15, Tuesday 1:30-2:15, Tuesday 2:30- 3:15, Wednesday 2:30- 3:15, Thursday 1:30-2:15, Friday 1:30-2:15, Friday 2:30-3:15, Saturday 9-9:45, Saturday 10-10:45, Saturday 11-11:45